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20km Range Test for LinkAV 20W MESH Radios

August 4, 2022

Latest company news about 20km Range Test for LinkAV 20W MESH Radios

July 20, 2022, LinkAV team performed 20km range test for its 20W MESH radios. The test location was Dapeng Bay Shenzhen, distance between A and B points were 20.1km. 6dBi omni-directional antennas were used at both ends. (Watch video here)

Data rate for 5MHz was around 6.3Mbps.

Data rate for 10MHz was around 11.0Mbps.

LinkAVtech.comData rate for 20MHz was around 14.0Mbps.

Point A - Yuehai Library, Yanmei Road, Yantian District

The 2U rack mount radio front panel - MANET3314.

The 2U rack mount radio rear panel - MANET3314.

Point A configuration.

Point B - angchou Garden, Dapeng New District. 20W portable radio - MANET3702

Point B: 20W 2U rack mount radio - MANT3314.

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